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Honna – ‘Baby’ EP

Honna is a relatively new indie band from Charleston who just released their first collection of songs, an EP called Baby. I say relatively new because they used to play as Hannah O, which started as a solo singer-songwriter project from the band’s frontlady and songwriter several years ago. Last month, the band announced that they were changing their name to Honna, and now we’ve got this shiny new EP to get to know them by.

Baby is three tracks that range from the jazz-textured, laid-back indie rock of “King of Everything” and “Growing Pains”, to the more upbeat, traditional indie rock sound of “GRR”. The EP as a whole gives off a beach vibe, with the mellow instrumentation serving as a nice complement to Hannah’s vocals. The vocals are soft and soothing, and much of what Honna does with Baby require that type of voice to hit their mark. It’s a package deal, and Honna has found a way to make it work, at least for three songs. Let’s see what they do next.

Catch Honna tonight at Tin Roof with James Leprette & The Sound and Nathan & Eva. Facebook event here. Listen to Baby below.