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Anfernee – “Glow”

Photo: Mia Naome

This morning, Charleston hip-hop artist Anfernee released a new single called “Glow”. The single is a collaboration with local DJ and producer Tyrie, and Anfernee’s been hyping it for the past week or so as “Charleston’s next number one late night jam”. I won’t go that far, but it’s definitely a solid late night jam, and it was clearly created with the afterparty in mind. It is Friday right now, which means that in a few short hours you’ll have a chance to give it a test run.

Anfernee’s been on our radar for a while now, starting with the release of his single “Something To You” back in 2017. I had the chance to see him at The Purple Buffalo a few months ago, and the way he got the crowd moving with his Adamandy collaboration “2070’s” showed that he’s really starting to tap into his own style. He showed the crowd how he wanted them to dance by doing it himself, and everybody grooved right along with him.

“Glow” is Anfernee’s first release since that Purple Buffalo show, but there has been plenty of other exciting news from him lately. For one, he’ll be playing in Columbia on March 30th for the new Spring Out Fest, where he’ll open for none other than Wale and Rich Homie Quan, both of whom should draw a large crowd of people who will probably dig what Anfernee’s doing, too. He’s also on the bill for the inaugural Cultura Fest on 4/20 at The Royal American, which if you’re living in Charleston you should already have marked on your calendar.

Check out “Glow” by Anfernee below.