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Shirlie – “Cool With It”

Rising up from the remains of Makeout Reef and the associated DIY bands is Shirlie, a funky lo-fi indie band who recently released their first single, “Cool With It”. The band consists of folks from bands you might remember like Del Sur, Hot Showers, and Tall Kitchen Bag. The difference with Shirlie is not only two more years of practice, but also the fact that they have a female vocalist. It’s a fresh take, and I’m glad to see a DIY project like this in the music scene.

“Cool With It” is only a minute and a half long, which gives us just enough to get an idea of what Shirlie sounds like, but not enough to know for sure. It’s catchy, I’ll give them that.

To really get to know Shirlie, go see them in their natural habitat at Dunk Zone next Friday, March 8th. Our friends in the new collective Paid Vacation cooked up a solid bill for the night that includes Shirlie along with Contour, Camp Howard, and Boyscott.

Listen to “Cool With It” below.