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Premiere: Monsoon Room – “Poolside”

Monsoon Room are a new indie rock band based out of Clemson. This morning, we’re happy to share their newest song, “Poolside”. According to Monsoon Room frontman and guitarist Garrett Williams, the song was written last year, and is about his “boujee friends”. The band recorded this one in the home studio of their buddy Richie Blanton.

“Poolside” is smooth for a young band, who admits that they are still a little green and are currently developing their sound. Comparing their previous two releases to “Poolside” leads me to believe that they’re headed in the right direction. The production has more depth to it, and the song itself has an element of relaxation that isn’t really present on “Housefire” or “Tell Me What You Want”. They’ll be on our radar as they continue to figure out what kind of band they really are.

Listen to “Poolside” below.