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Brother Oliver – “Coffee and a Cigarette”

Brother Oliver’s “Coffee and a Cigarette” is a song you’ve probably heard before if you’ve been following their music for any amount of time. The song, which initially appeared on their 2014 album, Stubborn Fool, has been one of their most popular songs for a while now. Now, Brother Oliver has recorded and released an updated version of the track that is much more suited to both their evolved style and the way they play the song live today.

The original studio version of “Coffee and a Cigarette” had a stripped-down acoustic folk sound. That was the norm for Brother Oliver circa 2014, but now the band has incorporated a psychedelic element to their music and injected it with rock ‘n’ roll. It’s fitting that they went back to give “Coffee and a Cigarette” an update.

According to their interview with the Greenville Journal, Brother Oliver is working on a new album that will hopefully see a release in the summer of 2019. Listen to the new and improved “Coffee and a Cigarette” by Brother Oliver below.