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Contour – “Stop Trying To Be God”

Last week, Contour released a cover of Travis Scott’s “Stop Trying To Be God” off his 2018 album ASTROWORLD. I always have such a hard time writing about Contour because the music is so unique that I don’t have genre confines to lean on or even much to compare it to. Even with this one being a cover, it sounds so much different from Travis Scott’s version that it stands perfectly on its own as a Contour song.

Following the release of the “Stop Trying To Be God” cover, I reached out to Contour’s Khari Lucas for a few thoughts. Khari gave insight on why he chose this song, his thoughts on covers in general, and his creative goals for the upcoming new year.

Listen to “Stop Trying To Be God” by Contour below, and keep reading to learn more about both this release and what else is going on in the world of Contour.

Khari says he recorded this one by himself, with “just direct inputs and some help from a good drum break.” The idea came to him when he was immersed his go-to free time activity of sitting at his computer writing. He wrote the drums and bass line first, and initially planned to write a song around that, but then the “Stop Trying To Be God” melody popped into his head. From there, he decided to turn that drum and bass line into a Travis Scott cover.

“I love covers,” Khari explains. “They’re a lot of fun and a good way to kind of step away from always thinking about and evaluating my own original work. They also are good creative exercises in composition for me. I definitely think that it’s possible to lean too heavily on them though.”

Khari’s creative goals for 2019 include the release of two new records and doing more engineering work, whether it be recording bands at Rialto Row or various mixing and mastering side projects. He also hopes to do a tour, learn guitar, and get back into photography.

2018 isn’t over quite yet, though, which means that there’s still time to see Khari perform live before the end of the year. First, he’ll be playing bass with Grace Joyner for the InLaws album release show this Friday, November 23rd at the Pour House. There’s also a great show coming up at The Purple Buffalo on Saturday, December 1st with Contour, Anfernee, Party Dad, Jah Jr., and Daddy’s Beemer. Facebook event for that show is here.