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Argot – “Lucky Son”

Charleston indie rock band Argot recently premiered their newest single, “Lucky Son”, with Charleston Scene. According to the Charleston Scene article, “Lucky Son” is the first single off Argot’s upcoming EP, Waiting for the Storm To Break, which will be released in early 2019. The single and the rest of the EP was recorded and produced by Argot bassist, Grady Rogers. Their debut EP, Murder Lounge, was released in February.

I honestly think “Lucky Son” is the best song that Argot has released to date. The mix by Seattle’s Jordan Graves is on point, and was what stood out to me first when listening. John’s vocals are loud and in the front, where they belong because John’s vocals are a huge asset for Argot. This is done without lowering the rest of the mix too much, and really lets the band show us what they’ve got going on.

Listen to “Lucky Son” by Argot below.