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Extra Chill Fest Artist Profile: Daddy’s Beemer

Photo: Dietrich Gunther

Daddy’s Beemer is an indie rock band from Clemson, SC. They got their start playing house shows at an iconic Clemson house venue known as Pablo, and are frontrunners of The Pablo Generation, a collective that grew out of the scene surrounding the venue. After finishing up school at Clemson, Daddy’s Beemer made the move to Charlotte to reach a larger audience and further their growth as musicians.

Extra Chill has been riding alongside Daddy’s Beemer ever since the video for “Rain Dance” came out back in February of 2017. Not long after that, the band released their self-titled debut EP and thus solidified their place as one of the best new bands in the South Carolina music scene. Seeing the crowd jump around and sing along to their songs at Makeout Reef showed us even more that Daddy’s Beemer was onto something. In February of 2018, Daddy’s Beemer released their second EP, Pucker, which had a more polished and evolved sound, with the same level of energy that endeared the first EP to so many listeners.

We’re extremely excited for Daddy’s Beemer to join us at Extra Chill Fest here in Charleston on Saturday, September 8th, where they’ll play alongside a lineup of South Carolina’s most talented musicians on two stages at The Purple Buffalo. If you don’t have tickets yet, snag them here.

Listen to both of the Daddy’s Beemer EPs below, and check out some of their music videos and live sessions below that.