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Extra Chill Fest Artist Profile: Dakota O

Photo: David Stringer of Scene SC 

Dakota O is a psychedeclic rock band from Charleston, SC. Although the live band consists of at least six members and many more instruments, the band’s music is written and recorded almost entirely by Dakota Bristow. Dakota O is deeply ingrained in Charleston’s DIY and house show scene, and they got their start playing shows at places like Makeout Reef and Pablo.

Recluse is the lone album that Dakota O has released to date. The album was released fairly quietly, with just a Facebook post to announce its release, but it was quickly noticed and shared by many South Carolina music fans and musicians. It went semi-viral in the days following its release, and for good reason. Recluse is a great DIY album, and certainly represents the talent that sits at the core of Charleston’s DIY scene. Read our review of that album here.

We’ve been big Dakota O fans ever since first hearing Recluse, and we’re pumped to have them on the lineup for Extra Chill Fest. If you don’t already have tickets, you can snag them for just $20 here.

Listen to the Recluse EP by Dakota O and check out their WSBF live session below. By the way, there’s an unreleased song in that WSBF live session.