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SALIS and Mossy B Present: The Soul of a Man Through Cartier Frames

This Sunday, April 29th, Charleston hip-hop artists SALIS and Mossy B 4 Prez are teaming up to bring a “musical motion picture” to PURE Theatre.

The performance will include a stylistic blending hip-hop subgenres, as well as personal stories and dialogue to bring it all together. We’ll get the country rap tunes of SALIS, who is currently gearing up to release a new self-titled album, mixed with the more soulful, thought-provoking topics covered by Mossy B.

The idea for this collaboration has roots in the “Live from the Underground” series hosted by SALIS, which is where the two artists were first introduced. Mossy B and SALIS crafted “The Soul of a Man Through Cartier Frames” as a way to reach their fans in an intimate setting, and PURE Theatre is the perfect venue for such a thing.

The show starts at 4pm, and tickets are available for $10 here. There is also a $25 VIP package that includes VIP seating, a t-shirt, and a CD.

Listen to some music from both artists below.