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Watch MYFEVER on WSBF Live Sessions

The first time I saw MYFEVER was way back in August of 2016 at The Royal American. Back then, the Atlanta band was a brotherly duo consisting of Garrett and Weston Hine. I was very impressed by their set that night, and afterwards I was cranking their debut See The Light for weeks. Their sound was filled with youthful angst and despite having only two members they were able to deliver a full-band experience.

Since then, the Hine brothers have added a few more instruments to MYFEVER, successfully filling in some empty spaces in their sound and opening the door for their continued growth as a band. Naturally, this has led them to an evolution of sorts, and 2017’s Born for Spaces featured more complex arrangements and even some ambient undertones. I’ve really enjoyed watching this band grow and I’m looking forward to what they’ve got planned for the future.

MYFEVER in its current, fleshed-out form is on full display in their newly-released WSBF Live Sessions. They just released two singles in the form of Twin B, and both of those tracks are featured here, as well as two songs off Born for Spaces. Check out the four-piece MYFEVER below.

“The Road”
“Will You Still Stay”
“Childhood Keepsake, Circa 1991”