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Listen to the New Single from Youth Model

Last week, Youth Model premiered their new single, “Symmetry” via Charleston Scene. Other than a cover of Radiohead’s “Karma Police” that they released through Soundcloud, “Symmetry” is the Charleston-based band’s first new release since their 2015 EP Open Season. The song’s got an upbeat, warm-weather vibe that should pair nicely with the rapidly approaching springtime heatwave.

According to their interview with Charleston Scene, Youth Model is using 2018 to experiment with new strategies for growing as a band. Instead of releasing a full EP or album, they’re planning to release one song at a time, and booking a lot of shows around the time of each single’s release. This is a marked change from the band’s past approach, which had been to play sporadic shows over the course of a year.

The next chance you have to see Youth Model in Charleston is on March 15th at The Royal American with Dry Reef, Youngster, and McLeod. Stream “Symmetry” below.