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F.W.A. Pokes Fun at Popular Soundcloud Rappers with New Video: Premiere

Left to right: Big Boy Bogan, Little E, & E-MUNY$$.

It’s no secret that the local music scene is blowing up, but one thing that Charleston previously lacked is a satirical rap group. We’ve got satirical country rock in Crab Claw, but nothing like the newly-formed F.W.A., which stands for any combination of those letters that you can dream up. These guys got their start after months of browsing breakout Soundcloud rap and finding themselves unimpressed by the shit that popular artists like Lil Pump, XXXTentacion, and others were cranking out. It was the same old overproduced, Xanax-eating nonsense, yet some of them are getting millions of plays. That’s why these young Charlestonians decided to hop on their Macbook and glue together a few tracks.

F.W.A. was founded by E-MUNY$$ and Keshi-Kong, but their songs contain verses by any of their friends that happen to be in the room when the time to lay down a verse comes around. They hail from the also newly-formed indie label, Plastic Mountain Records. The label was formed by Charleston local Zach Green, who saw that a bunch of his friends were making music, but didn’t really have a way to break into the scene. With the forming of Plastic Mountain Records, Zach has taken on the task of getting the music of his friends noticed in the area, as well as helping them book shows around town.

“I Sold Memes 2 the Devil” by F.W.A. is the first music video to come from Plastic Mountain Records. It’s quite the interesting choice for a debut, considering the music is a self-proclaimed joke, but F.W.A. is onto something with their brand of rap. Their single J.U.U.L. is currently sitting pretty at almost 3000 plays on Soundcloud, and the group is still finding their way musically. Zach directed the video during a trip down to Miami, where the gang scooped up a few twelve packs of La Croix and borrowed a red convertible Volkswagen Beetle and proceeded to raise hell in the streets.

We’ve got the video for “I Sold Memes 2 the Devil” by F.W.A. premiering now (Soundcloud Link). Watch these kids shotgun La Croix drive around in the Beetle, and while you’re at it go check out Plastic Mountain Records on Facebook or Instagram. The label is diverse, as in it isn’t only satirical rap groups. They represent some indie rock, alternative, and pop-punk bands as well, and like F.W.A., they’re just getting started.