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The Dumbest Kids in School Debut Full-Length Album

This past semester, The Dumbest Kids in School just so happened to have a class with the second dumbest kids in school: Heyrocco, who had already made quite the name for themselves by being a bunch of delinquents who play the type of rock ‘n’ roll music that gets them kicked out of nightclubs. Heyrocco picked up on the late-bloomer style of The Dumbest Kids in School, and the two groups became friends. Together they put on a rock show on Bogard Street that was thinly-veiled as a sweaty house party.

At the time of the sweaty house party, The Dumbest Kids in School had released an EP that garnered them some attention on the playground, but since the EP’s release they’ve added guitarist Chase Heffron to the lineup and have found even more innovative ways to shirk on their homework. They spent the past six months or so procrastinating the completion of the album that is available for you to waste time with today. This Is Your Fault was recorded at their friend’s home studio (shout out Captain Scott and Trish), where The Dumbest Kids in School bummed around while putting together the songs for the album, only going outside when they ran out of beer or cigarettes.

What resulted was an album filled with garage gusto and self-deprecating lyrics about having nothing productive to do, and as evidenced in “Bored”, being totally okay with it. Ripe with dreams of success with girls and honest stories about failures in the same regard, The Dumbest Kids in School have given us a fun record that I’d like to shove right in the middle of the steaming heap of dung called slacker rock. The best part about it, though, is that this band isn’t trying to be anything they’re not. The Dumbest Kids in School just want to play loud music and get drunk and have a good time, which is all I’ll ever ask for from a band.

You can catch The Dumbest Kids in School this Friday night at The Royal American, where they’ll be joined by Rare Creatures and The Mammoths. TDKIS will be fresh off the release of this wretched excuse for beautiful noise, and they’ll be trying to blow out the Royal American sound system and encourage the crowd and each other to drink as much as possible. It should be a great time. Stream This Is Your Fault below.