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Watch Beach Tiger with WSBF Live Sessions

For their newest installment, WSBF brings in Beach Tiger from Charleston for a quick session. Along with laying down a few tracks, the band discusses their origins with WSBF’s Wesley Heaton. We learn that Beach Tiger met and formed while attending school at Clemson University, but for the most part kept their talents to themselves during school, rarely playing shows and instead making records at home in their spare time. I’d like to hear some of those records, but I think someone said one time that you can’t always get what you want (hey Beach Tiger, send ’em over!).

Since moving to Charleston the band has picked up quite a bit of steam, playing shows all over town (but never giving blood). They’ve only released a handful of songs, but their brand of indie pop continues to bring the fans back for more, and if you’ve seen them live, you’ll understand why. Their sound is diverse and spans across many genres, but there’s one common thread that can be found in each and every song that Beach Tiger plays: Jimmy Buffet. See for yourself below.


“When You’re Lying There”
“Just Woke Up”
“Dead of Night”
“Mind Make”