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2 Slices – “Slow Poison” (Video)

2 Slices are taking Charleston by storm with their “Slow Poison” music video. With those dance moves, I’m not at all surprised. What I am surprised about is that they were able to make a video this awesome in just one take. Yes, the “Slow Poison” video was filmed in just one take at The Commodore by Dominic and Geno DiMaria. This is the second single from the duo, (aptly named 2 Slices), the first being “Nugs” on the 2017 Scene SC Sampler, and they are starting to carve out a sound for themselves in fun and upbeat party songs that throw it way back to the 80s.

“Slow Poison” is a feelgood track, and the accompanying music video is able to make you laugh and dance at the same time, but most importantly it puts a smile on your face. Enjoy your Saturday morning coffee with a couple slices (2) and then mix it in with your tequila shots (2) later tonight. Stream the video below.

2 Slices – Slow Poison (Music Video)