ET Anderson – WSBF Live Sessions (Full Performance)

ET Anderson is the latest band to get into Clemson’s WSBF studio to record a live session. They played a blend of songs off their 2014 album Et Tu, ______?, as well as some new unreleased tracks. The band recently took a short hiatus from their previously extensive touring to relax and work on some new material, and it’s nice to see that they’ve had success enough in their songwriting efforts to perform a few of them for the internet to hear.

Between songs the band speaks with Wesley Heaton from WSBF Radio (and Daddy’s Beemer), and frontman Wilson reveals that the material they’ve been working on will eventually be released as a double album. Then when Wilson breaks a string near the end of “It Don’t Even” and the rest of the band chimes in about the upcoming album, and how the songwriting has been more of a collaborative effort than it was in the past, with the band putting their heads together instead of a full album of “Wilson hiding in the closet”. The band’s stated goal is to bring their studio sound closer to what you hear at an ET Anderson live show, and that’s something that we can all get excited about, because their live shows are sweet.

Be on the lookout for a more official announcement for that double album in the coming months, but for now you have this dope little video to play until your speakers are blown out. Because everyone knows the only way to listen to ET Anderson is LOUD.


“Acid Earlier”
“Uh-Huh Good”
“It Don’t Even”
“Exile Again…Again”
“Hello Cello”

ET Anderson – WSBF Live Sessions

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