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Twiddle Speaks on PLUMP and Saturday’s Pour House Show

Twiddle is dropping the next installment of their double album PLUMP on April 28th. PLUMP-Chapter 2 will be released with a remastered version of Chapter 1. On Saturday April 22 Twiddle is coming to The Pour House to promote the album with Bay Area based folk rockers Midnight North. The Vermont based quartet weaves folk, electronic, and reggae at times with their ever expanding discography. I have had the opportunity to see Twiddle a handful of times up and down the East Coast from stops in Philadelphia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Twiddle is mentioned as the “least controversial jam band” and also one of the biggest rising groups in the genre.

Twiddle, who have become known for their extensive improvisation at live shows, recently attracted the attention of music industry critic Bob Lefsetz who was inspired to dedicate an entire post to the band after seeing their performance at Burton U.S. Open (in Vail, CO). “I heard that reggae beat interwoven with electronic elements and damned if I didn’t get into it,” he said, but what seemed to impress him the most was Twiddle’s proficiency on their instruments, “THEY’RE MUSICIANS” he stressed.

Check out the interview below along with show information, their newest lyric video, and a recap of Tumble Down!

The Pour House is stoked to have you guys back for another show. Talk around town has been nothing but excitement for you guys to bring your positive energy back to Charleston. What is your favorite part about playing shows in Charleston?

We have been playing shows at The Pour House for years now and the one thing that remains constant is the energy and passion in the fans down there.

I love the positivity you guys bring to the stage and how it spreads through the crowd, but it must be hard to keep that up all the time when you’re almost constantly on tour. What are some ways that you bring each other out a funk when you’re on the road?

FART, No but seriously life on the road can be a grind it’s all about staying positive and supporting your bandmates. It’s important to take time out of everyday to just laugh. We have some go to funny movies (waterworld, samurai cop, dewey cox) or YouTube videos, we have some funny dudes in the band and on the road with us so it’s easy to find a cheap laugh just by talking with each other. It’s also important to give people space when they need it. We have all known each other for so long it’s easy to tell when someone needs some time alone.

Since I first heard Natural Evolution of Consciousness, I always thought a horn arrangement would be an awesome addition to the band, so when I heard the horns on PLUMP-Chapter One I was jacked up! Can we expect to hear more of that on PLUMP-Chapter Two?

Yes we are blending in some horn players for Chapter 2.

How did working with more musicians impact the recording process? Did they bring anything to the table that changed the way you looked at these songs?

Songs were mainly tracked out by the time the guests were added. They help add the extra plump to each song.

Why did you decide on a double album for PLUMP, as opposed to two completely separate projects?

At the time when heading into the studio for recording we had enough material for 2 discs and wanted to get it all out.

This one is for Gubb: I’ve had the opportunity to be in and around the “Gubb Zone” a few times. Can you tell us the story of where and when you coined the term?

I am not familiar with the term GUBB ZONE. But I do remember sitting around a fire on July 4th 2014 and having a convo regarding a funny term that may catch on with fans for bass solos. By far the funniest term was the first one we thought of and it was GUBB DUMP.

For this year’s Tumble Down Fest, you’ve added some more jam stuff like Holly Bowling and Matt Butler’s Everyone Orchestra. Who are some of the people you guys are most excited to work with at this year’s Tumble Down?

Holly was around the fest last year and we were excited to bring her back again. Excited for Tumble Down as a whole and seeing what develops when we gather for the event.

Are you planning any collaborations with other artists at upcoming festivals like Tumble Down, Summer Camp, and Bisco? Maybe a new live album in the not-so-distant future?

No plans for a live album at this time, festival collabs tend to happen organically at the festival sites when we are all hanging around.

Many thanks to Twiddle for talking a bit about PLUMP and The Pour House.

Snag your Tickets for 4/22 at The Pour House.

Check out Twiddle’s performance of “When it Rains it Poors” with Holly Bowling and Page McConnell of Phish.