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See Water – ‘Hit The Moon’ (Review)

After two years of long nights at Charleston’s Truphonic Studios, See Water’s debut album Hit The Moon is ready and available for your listening pleasure. The record is a fun 90 minute ride through the ranks of punk, reggae, ska, and rock, with even a tinge of some more heavy stuff, and an overall message to not get bogged down by the stresses of everyday life, and spread positivity wherever you go. It’s the perfect record for the warm weather right around the corner, and I foresee many a summer day bumping Hit The Moon with a cold one or two, or three. Or four.

The seamless transitions between songs give the record a very continuous feel and makes it easy to listen to the whole album in one sitting, which in my opinion is the best way to listen to a record. Artists put the songs in a certain order for a reason, and See Water clearly put a lot of time fine-tuning their transitions to make the full listening experience that much better. You can still pick your favorite tracks and throw them on a playlist, of course, but you owe it to yourself to listen to Hit The Moon straight through at least once.

One standout track for me is “Work”, because for one I can relate to it and for two it’s super chill. It’s a song about a long day at work when all you can think about is getting home to light one up and sit down on the couch. Most of us have experienced a day like this, and even more relatable is when you finally do get off work you’ve got a call from a friend who says come on down to the local watering hole (AC’s in this case) to drink with the boys. The song continues through the timeline of a typical Charleston night, complete with an afterparty and that dreaded morning after.

The best example of the heavy sound I spoke of earlier is track 13, “Molotov Cocktail”. The name certainly fits the feel of the song, with a drum beat that you’d expect from a hardcore band, and even some screaming towards the end. It’s awesome to hear a song like “Molotov Cocktail” on such a predominantly chilled out album, because it shows that the dudes in See Water are well-versed in musical tastes and aren’t afraid to explore a different sound than what people might expect from them. This one’s going on my mosh pit playlist.

Hear See Water’s Hit The Moon for yourself via the Spotify stream below, and don’t miss their album release party at the Music Farm on Friday, February 24th. Joining them at the Farm will be Of Good Nature, Treehouse, and Whitehall. The show is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. It’s going to be a great show for a great cause, and you’ll get to hear See Water play their new album live. Get your tickets here.