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The Howling Moon Pimps – Alan Fame Interview With Mister

The Howling Moon Pimps are a new and talented group of musicians based in Charleston, and they only play shows when there’s a full moon. Last week they shared this interview on their Facebook page that Alan Fame did with Mister, frontman in The Howling Moon Pimps in which they discuss Mister’s background and philosophy, as well as the inspiration behind both the timing of their shows and the funky music they play. You may notice a strange resemblance between the interviewer, Alan Fame, and Mister. All I’ll say about that is welcome to the world of Alan Fame.

Shout out to Stuart White for the videography and Manny Houston for the impressive creativity, and keep your eyes peeled for The Howling Moon Pimps playing again soon. The next full moon is on Fridayy, February 10th, so in about two weeks we should hear about something they’ve got planned for us. Full interview is streaming below. Enjoy.

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