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No2Mauro Production Presents: The Show, A Web Series Created by College of Charleston Alums

The College of Charleston’s own alums Evan Burke, Montgomery Mauro, Nick Smithson, and Austin Cantrell have teamed up to create a comedic web series called The Show. The web series chronicles the happenings of a low-budget theater production that is nothing short of chaos-filled hilarity. Make sure to catch newly released episodes every Tuesday, until November 15th on the No2Mauro Production YouTube channel.

Coupled with supervision from Evan Burke, Mauro created, wrote, directed, and starred in The Show. During their shared creative writing classes, Mauro and Burke developed their identities and voices in the Charleston comedy scene. Their self-proclaimed mockumentary is heavily influenced by  the College of Charleston graduate’s time spent honing his skills in Charleston’s comedy community and the College of Charleston’s own theater program, where Nick Smithson and Austin Cantrell also excelled.

In the Pilot episode, we follow theater director and stage manager duo, Devon Rhodes and Rose Stilton as they joyfully go into a meeting with renowned playwright Evan Carr only to find out that his off the wall tactics hint at the fact that his glory days might be behind him. This sets the stage for the unfolding of the rest of the series.

You can find the series in it’s entirety, including full episodes, table reads, and live rehearsals on the No2Mauro production page. Below you will find the first four episodes, and you can expect the fifth episode this coming Tuesday.

The Show Episode One: Pilot

The Show Episode Two: Callbacks

The Show Episode Three: Table Read

The Show Episode Four: Rehearsal