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Chris Wilcox – ‘Legacy’ (Review)

Chris Wilcox is a country musician that graduated from the College of Charleston a few years back, and then made the move to Nashville to further pursue his music career. The move has opened up a whole new set of experiences for him, and that is what his new album, Legacy is all about. It’s not all specifically about moving to Nashville, but more about going through new phases in life, and realizing things on the road to growing up, all while trying to make something out of himself, to “leave a legacy.” With all these songs about growing up, though, also comes a longing for days past, missing the good old days.

With Legacy, we can really see an increased sense of maturity starting to take root in Wilcox’s songwriting, as well as more of a rock & roll style to the instrumentation. And as Mr. Wilcox himself would say: you just love to see that. Songs like “Growing Old” speak directly to this notion of coming to terms with adulthood, but not really wanting to grow up. I think that’s something that everyone can agree with. We all go through periods of realizing it’s time to let certain habits go, but when they’re gone we’re left with a feeling of, “What’s really the point, anyway?”

Other tracks such as “For My Sake” and “Bring Me Back” really wring out the emotion, so you can feel some of what Wilcox himself is going through. These songs also have a sense of having someone in your life to rely on, to help you through the hardest parts, which are ever so frequent. With all this struggle, though, we also see a glimmer of hope in Wilcox’s songwriting, because he always knows that he’ll make it past whatever it is that is giving him grief at the time.

Stream Legacy below. If you like what you hear and you happen to find yourself in Nashville this weekend, don’t miss his CD release party at The High Watt on Saturday, September 3rd. He’ll be playing along with Tyler Boone, Human Resources, and Cody Parks. Everyone who buys a ticket will get a free album from each of the bands.