Grace Joyner – Dreams (Music Video)

Grace Joyner – Dreams (Music Video)

Charleston-based artist Grace Joyner has been getting a lot of love on the web (and in real life) lately from the likes of music sites such as Performer Magazine, Echoes Radio, and now The Wild Honey Pie today with the premiere of the music video for her song “Dreams”, off her debut album Maybe Sometimes In C. “Dreams” recently went viral on Spotify, reaching #7 on the Top 10 Tracks in the U.S. for a week in July, and now we have this stunningly cinematic music video to go along with it. Hearts & Plugs artists are seriously killing it these days, and you should keep an eye out for more from Grace Joyner in the near future. She’s on track to keep doing really awesome stuff.

If you’ll be up in Columbia, SC this weekend, check out Grace Joyner’s show at the Columbia Museum of Art on Friday, August 19th from 7-11pm. Tickets are $9, or $5 if you’re a member of the museum. Also, if you haven’t yet listened to Maybe Sometimes In C, I strongly suggest you go do that right now. You can find it on Spotify, Itunes, etc.

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