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Human Resources – Melt With You (Modern English Cover)

Human Resources – Melt With You (Cover)

Here we have the newest offering from the dudes of Human Resources. It’s an awesome cover of an 80s classic, “Melt With You”, complete with supreme audio recording by drummer Matt Zutell, and dope cinematography and editing by lead guitarist Dries Vandenberg and keyboardist Paul Chelmis. They’ve managed to put their own spin on an already great song in such a way that if you didn’t know the original, you might think they wrote it themselves.

Aside from the great sound, I also want to give a special kudos to Paul and Dries for the putting together the really cool looking video. The editing is top notch and adds a layer of entrancement to this dreamy cover. The SOUTH office where it was filmed is a cool place in itself, but the way they filmed/edited this makes it seem even more awesome. Watching Paul appear and disappear in different spots around the room is a lot of fun, and the light coming through the shades adds a calming vibe. It was actually filmed in the same building where I interviewed Human Resources about their Pizza Dreams EP a few months back. If you haven’t already seen that interview, click here to check it out!

Don’t miss the upcoming HR show at Royal American in Charleston this Saturday night with Beach Tiger, Myfever and Exwhy. Human Resources hasn’t played a show in a while and I’m sure they’ve been cooking up something real good to show us at Royal. It’s gonna be tight!