Heyrocco – Build It Up (Music Video)

Heyrocco – Build It Up (Music Video)

In the wake of their new EP, Waiting On Cool, Heyrocco has released a music video for the song “Build It Up”, track 4 on the record. The video features scenes of destruction from the old school South Korean Godzilla type movie, Yongary, Monster From The Deep. This is fitting for a song whose chorus shouts “build it up ’til it falls over”, because there certainly are plenty of things falling over in this video. The cherry on top is the subtitles that poke fun at both the corniness of the cinematography and the modern concept of social media followers. The song fits the video pretty nicely, once again demonstrating how awesomely creative these guys are.

Be on the lookout for Heyrocco in your city, because as we speak they are on tour to promote the new EP. For my Charleston people, catch Heyrocco at The Royal American on Saturday, August 6th. Word.

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