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Futurebirds – “Rodeo” (OurVinyl Sessions)

Futurebirds out of Athens, GA linked up with OurVinyl down in Nashville to record a live session of the hit single “Rodeo” off their 2015 album Hotel Parties. This is one of those songs that you can easily bump on repeat and it would be a long time before it gets old. “Rodeo” is such a feelgood, laid-back country tune from a band that typically gets a lot more psychedelic. OurVinyl did it justice, and Futurebirds delievered a performance that gets a little more in-depth, sonically-speaking, than the studio version.

If you enjoy “Rodeo”, we highly recommend you check out the rest of Hotel Parties. The album is a trip all the way through, with moments that make you want to party, to more quiet moments that really draw out the emotion. “Rodeo” is a highlight for sure, but also an outlier in its own right. There is no other song in the Futurebirds catalogue that sounds quite like “Rodeo”.

Watch Futurebirds performing “Rodeo” live on OurVinyl TV below, and check out our review of their 2020 album, Teamwork, right here.